Ideas To Innovation

For over 35 years, Brad Matheny has been developing custom software solutions, retail software applications, trading systems and financial modeling systems for clients and others. Many of these ideas for software solutions come from average people who see a need or have some solution in mind that will assist them or achieve certain objectives. I help these people construct a plan to create custom software solutions to automated or create alerts that help my client make better, more timely trading decisions.


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Can It Be Built?

We can build just about anything you desire or can imagine. Depending on your budget and your expectations, we'll detail a plan to achieve your objectives and deliver real solutions.

What Is The Process?

Typically, we will require you to construct a "project scope" document that outlines your objectives and complete project. We will create an estimate from this documents and propose a total solution after consulting with you to determine your real objectives.

Design And Testing

The build and testing phase of all projects vary in length. Simple projects can be completed in less than 5 days. More complex projects may take weeks or months to completely develop, test and deploy. We work with you throughout the entire process.

Continued Improvements

Most of our clients continue to request modifications and improvements to their final applications after the initial development phase. We will continue to support you to build any future improvements you want us to build.

Who Are Our Customers?

Most of our clients come from various aspects of wealth in the US and foreign markets. Our skills and reputation allow us to stay busy most of the time. We work for large investing firms, family offices, brokers/traders and individuals. Anyone with an idea for a trading system or any software application can contact us for assistance. We focus on trading system design and financial modeling systems, but we can build nearly anything you want to build.

Getting Started

If you want to explore the possibilities of what we can create for you, then submit your request to us @ and we'll get the process started for you.

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