MENT Grey Swan Warning

December 20, 2020: Major Cycle Phase Alert.

I just completed some research regarding major Appreciation/Depreciation cycles. This is really important to understand.

In my opinion we ended an Appreciation cycle sometime in 2018~2019 and are now starting a Depreciation cycle. This is important to understand because the current rally in the US/global markets as well as in Bitcoin are likely an exhaustion (Excess) phase BLOW-OFF top setting up. These excess phase peaks can sometimes last many months/years. The end of the 2009-10 cycle prompted a true excess phase rotation that lasted well into 2013.

This is one of the reasons that I believe we may still see further upside price action in the US stock market before the markets really begin to recognize the cycle changes. Gold and Silver, on the other hand, I believe have already identified this cycle change and are starting a historic and unbelievable rally to heights we've only ever imagined. Some people have talked about $10k per ounce gold and $250 per ounce Silver but it may really happen in the next 5+ years.

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