MENT Black Swan Warning

February 21, 2020: Released Jointly by MENT.COM Technologies and The Technical Traders LTD.

Have you been following our research over the past 60+ days?

We have been warning that the Capital Shift process that was driving investments into the US markets (primarily into the US Technology Sector) was a carry-over process from 2019 and continued into early 2020. The risks of the Corona virus “Black Swan” event were being ignored as global investors continued to believe the event would be short lived and would only temporarily dent global economies.

As we have been warning all of our members, this Corona virus event contains a far bigger risk to, as a true BLACK SWAN event, disrupt supply, manufacturing, finance, central banks, consumer spending, and much more. In fact, this makes the 2009 US Credit Crisis pale in comparison.

Think for a minute about how the global markets work. Currently, over 80% of the products and essential goods we purchase are manufactured overseas (China/Asia and other locations). When this virus begins to spread in an uncontrolled manner, the nations that are hardest hit will attempt to contain the virus by locking down (quarantining) large segments of their society. This disrupts not only the supply side of the global economy, but it also disrupts consumer spending, banking/finance and other aspects of the economy.

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