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I deliver easy to understand, actionable US & global market research/trade triggers using my proprietary technical analysis tools & modeling systems for traders/investors every day.

All you have to do is join my Expert Growth subscription, watch the training videos and weekly research videos to improve your trading skills. Use my advanced research, algos, hotlists and other tools to hone your trading abilities around my expectations.

The goal is to teach you to become a better, more skilled trader while providing you the data, hotlists, and personalized research to support you as you improve your skills

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Learning to become a more successful trader is not easy. I've learned how to simplify the process of determining trend direction, opportunities, and the best trade setups. All you have to do is learn my techniques and start deploying them for your trading. Follow my systems & research to learn how to stream-line your decision making process.

My objective is to help as many individuals as possible. The next 5+ years are almost guaranteed to be extremely volatile and full of opportunity for skilled traders/investors. If you are not prepared for these big trends, you could get crushed being on the wrong side of trends.

When you start with Expert Growth, you gain instant access to all the resources you need to begin your path towards learning to become a more skilled trader.

Over the past 25+ years, my primary occupation has been to consult/develop thousands of various proprietary trading technology for clients throughout the world. This experience has allowed me to learn many of the best trading/investing techniques from some of the most experienced traders on the planet. Now, I'm sharing my knowledge and technology with you.

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I offer one subscription for all clients - Expert Growth.

Expert Growth is for long-term & short-term investors/traders. The Expert Growth subscription includes all of my specialized trading models/algos and offers you incredible value while keeping you safely protected from market risks. If you are an investor/trader and still want to actively trade market/sector trends - the Expert Growth subscription is made for you.

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4-Step Action Trading Plan

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Watch my weekly videos. Follow my long/intermediate term research/trends. Then use my Algos to find the best trade setups.

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Critical Solutions Traders & Investors want three critical components for success:
  1. Clear, actionable information & technology
  2. Proven strategies to protect, manage, and grow wealth more efficiently
  3. Reliable trade triggers/signals to know when opportunities exist

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MENT Rotational Modeling Investor Strategy

New All-Time Highs Reached January~March 2024
$100k To Over $2 Million

Learn To Manage, Protect, & Grow Your Wealth In Any Market Trend.
Always In The Market (Rotational Trading System).
Included with your Expert Growth subscription.

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