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For more than 35 years, I've been developing specialized predictive price modeling systems and trading systems for clients throughout the world. My focus is fully-automated trading systems and quantitative/predictive modeling systems.

Over the past 10+ years, I've been conducting research articles and developing custom trading systems privately for various resellers. Many of the more technical analysis based articles you've probably read over the past 5+ years were my creations.

Currently, I'm under contract with three private/public funds developing their quantitative technology and assisting with automated-trading solutions. Yet, I still do my own research and publish my systems/content for my subscribers.

I deploy a variety of solutions to help members understand what is likely to happen over the next 3 to 24+ months related to opportunities, risks, and trade setups. I focus mostly on Fibonacci, Gann, traditional Techincal Analysis, and my proprietary modeling systems. I update my research/content every week in the member's area.

I invite you to learn why my members are astounded by the depth and predictive capabilities of my research. Trading and investing is a process of attacking the markets when the timing/setup is correct, then waiting for the next opportunities to setup.

My proprietary technology delivers incredible trade setups for short-term & long-term traders. My Top-Down comprehensive review highlights market trends, phases, and setups. You won't know what you are missing unless you try my Expert Growth subscription.

Learn Skills, Techniques, Strategies Using Proven Strategies

My goal is to help as many traders as possible safely navigate market trends while learning to profit from the best trade setups.

My Expert Growth subscription delivers all the information and tools you need to get started right now and costs about $1.66 per day. All it takes is a few weeks to learn to understand and use the solutions I deliver, then you’ll be ready to start trading on your own.

Learn how my technology, paired with a few simple trading strategies, will greatly improve your trading skills abilities. I’ve helped hundreds of traders learn to make better decisions while finding great trade setups. Get started with Expert Growth today.

I Do The Research - You Make All The Decisions

Why MENT.COM Technologies?

Over the past 35+ years, I've built thousands of the most incredible trading/modeling systems for clients worldwide. Now, I'm making my own proprietary systems available to everyone - so you can learn to efficiently manage your wealth and become a better trader.

My objective is to help as many individuals as possible with my Expert Growth subscription over the next 20+ years. I want to earn your trust & loyalty by delivering exceptional content & superior trading signals that help you understand market dynamics, find better opportunities, become a better trader, & learn to profit from these incrdible price swings.

Small 4% to 12% swings in stocks, ETFs, Indexes, and other instruments can prove to be incredible opportunities for skilled traders (swing or options traders). Let me introduce you to a world of opportunity with my proprietary trading algos.

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My goal:
  1. Teach you to become a better trader/investor
  2. Provide detailed research & proprietary systems/strategies
  3. Deliver clear expections of future price trends/setups
  4. Deliver superior trading Algos/Strategies to help you protect & grow your wealth

Each week, I deliver the best research & predictive analysis I can offer with my Expert Growth subscription. I don't hold back on anything. My only objective is to make you a better trader/investor.

Expert Growth delivers a suite of professional investment, inter-market analysis, risk on/off, & trade signals/triggers - along wiith my personal videos helping you understand what is likely to happen over the next 60 to 180 days.

Expert Growth Includes:
  1. SPY & GOLD Daily Cycle Patterns (Predictive Daily Patterns For Day-Traders)
  2. Four (4) Specialized Video Reports
    • Investor Video
    • TTScanner/Movers Hotlist Video
    • Ment Rotational Modeling & Real Estate Video
    • Gold/Metals Video
  3. Risk On/Off, Capital Management, & Hedging Solutions
  4. SPY/QQQ & Major ETF/Sector Hotlists/Setups
  5. Three (3) Hot Stock Trades Every Week
  6. Proprietary US/Global, Investor/Trader, Metals, Real Estate, & Other Market Data
  7. MENT.COM Movers Hotlists (Daily & Weekly Specialized Trade Triggers)
  8. Access to my Discord Channel

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Expert Growth Includes My MENT Rotational Modeling System

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