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My goal:
  1. Teach you to become a better trader/investor
  2. Provide detailed research & proprietary systems/strategies
  3. Deliver clear expections of future price trends/setups
  4. Deliver superior trading Algos/Strategies to help you protect & grow your wealth

Each week, I deliver the best research & predictive analysis I can offer with my Expert Growth subscription. I don't hold back on anything. My only objective is to make you a better trader/investor.

Watch my Weekly Video updates. Pay attention to the proprietary strategies/details/data/charts I share with you. Use this information as a guide to reach your own conclusions & expectations. Then, use the trading strategies I provide, as well as your own skills, to make your own decisions.

You'll quickly appreciate the depth of content & insight I deliver to you with Expert Growth. Clear, actionable, information & data to help you manage, protect, and GROW your wealth efficiently.

Expert Growth delivers a suite of professional investment, inter-market analysis, Risk On/Off, & Trade Signals/Triggers - along wiith my personal videos helping you understand what is likely to happen over the next 60 to 180 days.

Expert Growth Includes:
  1. Risk On/Off, Capital Management, & Hedging Solutions
  2. SPY/QQQ & Major ETF/Sector Hotlists/Setups
  3. Three (3) Hot Stock Trades Every Week
  4. Proprietary US/Global, Investor/Trader, Metals, Real Estate, & Other Market Data
  5. Bitcoin/Crypto research, trends, triggers
  6. SPY & GOLD Daily Cycle Patterns

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MENT Rotational Modeling Investor Strategy

Learn To Manage, Protect, & Grow Your Wealth In Any Market Trend.
Always In The Market (MENT Rotational Trading System).
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Why MENT.COM Technologies?

Over the past 25+ years, I've built thousands of the most incredible trading/modeling systems for clients worldwide. Now, I'm making my own proprietary systems available to everyone - so you can learn to efficiently manage your wealth and become a better trader.

Trade only when opportunity exists for profits. Protect capital at all times & learn the mechanics of inter-market dynamics with my Custom Indexes & Proprietary Algos. Then, explore advanced Fully-Automated Stock & Futures trading strategies to grow your wealth efficiently over time.

Most people fail to understand the volatility & huge price ranges over the past 20+ years are the result of a very broad generational expansion cycle. My research has identified when and how certain sectors & foreign ETFs will likely trend throught the next 50+ years. This is an incredible opportunity for skilled traders - and it is available within my Expert Growth subscription.

My objective is to help as many individuals as possible with my Expert Growth subscription over the next 20+ years. I want to earn your trust & loyalty by delivering exceptional content that helps you understand market dynamics, become a better trader, & learn to profit from these incrdible price swings.

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