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Save $100 On eSignal
Do you want eSignal yet? You need it to run my apps.
Click Here for a FREE 30 DAY Trial of eSignal

  New for 2011!! New Pricing and Products

 Matheny Enterprises Announces New eSignal Products and Lower Prices.

TT Charger Targets Great Trading Opportunities In Realtime - Making It Easy To Catch The Winners

$$ Save Over 52% Now On Your Subscription $$

Don't Guess At Trading, Let Me Show You
Where The Opportunities Are.

Very Simple to Learn & Use
You'll See An Instant Improvement In Your Trading Abilities
Dynamic Stops, Trend, Range, Pressure *** and Defend levels
Learn the "Stack n Leap" Method To Enhance Profits ***
You decide to take the trade or not.
Life-time Support & Training
*** Features Available in TT Charger M2

With over 25 years experience in trading, analyzing and developing advanced trading/analysis models to help traders and investors around the globe, Matheny Enterprises has solutions for every trader. We not only consult with individuals and firms that need our services and expertise, we also develop advanced trading solutions for active traders. My name is Brad Matheny, let me show you what I know about trading.

If you want to learn how to become a better, more skilled trader then you need to learn learn my TT Charger, AWTS and other trading systems. They give you everything you need to trade any market at any time. When you become a client, you'll be provided detailed instructions and Live-Training & support for as long as you are a client. You'll also be able to communicate and interact with all my clients so we can all share our success and build a strong community of users on TradeTank.com.

I guarantee you will see a difference in what you see on a chart and how you understand trading. After your first few months, your trading abilities will be vastly improved. Trading is more about education than an "instant fix". I'm offering you a first-hand look at how I trade using my tools. I'm offering my best tools with training at prices anyone can afford. So are you ready to see what I'm offering and learn my techniques to profit from the markets - all you need is eSignal.

Try TT Charger M2 EOD app FREE for 5 days.
Click Here to get started.
Let me show you how to trade with eSignal. Everything you need to profit in the markets is right here and priced for everyone.

As low as
Per Month

*** $41.58  
*** $99.92  
** $457.92  
**** $457.92  
* $15.75  

**** = Requires NinjaTrader
*** = Includes Advanced Analysis Models
** = Unlimited Full Auto Trading, Includes MTS
* = Includes MTS
Prices are subject to change at any time.

1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions are available now.  
>> Special Introductory Pricing Will End Soon!! <<

I'm going to show you a three step plan to dramatically improve your trading skills and ability. It includes using many of my advanced indicators : TT Charger and AppPack1. The AppPack1 subscription includes NINE specialized EFS scripts for eSignal. Combining all of these tools, any trader can achieve success. Keep reading to learn how I can help you.

Don't believe I can help you, check these charts out
(before and after)

Example #1 : First, you need to determine how the day is setting up for trading and then determine if you want to trade or wait for a better opportunity. Watch how RSR (part of AppPack1) picks all major pivot levels for the day perfectly. Move your mouse pointer over the chart below.

Example #2 : Next, you have to determine how you are going to PROFIT from your trading today. The purpose of trading is to PROFIT - right? You need the help of Auto TrendMaster (part of AppPack1) to read the chart and trade. Auto TrendMaster correctly reports all major trend changes and allows you to identify profitable exit strategies. Again, move your mouse pointer over the chart below. Remember, you should be using all three of these tools to trade the markets.

Example #3 : Lastly, you have to determine how you are going to "attack" your trading today. You need the help of TTCharger to read the chart and trade. Watch how ChargerV1 picks all major major bullish trade for the day perfectly. Again, move your mouse pointer over the chart below.

Now that you've seen it, what do you think? It's realy that simple to use and provides everything you need to profit from the markets. I'm offering you an instant advantage over other traders. For less than you think, you can use the same tools I've been using for years. It could pay for itself 1000 times over in 12 months by improving your trading decisions.

There are many things I want to teach you about trading. It's taken me many many years to figure this stuff out like I have. The tools I'm offering you are exclusively eSignal modules because I use eSignal. I will support subscribers on TradeTank.com so I can make myself available for support and training. I have a small team ready to assist you, including myself. I invite you to join the fun and become a better trader.

Remember, if you want to get started, you can select any product you like or simply visit TradeTank.com and follow along.

I'm ready to get started!

Think you're ready for more?? Then I urge you to consider TT Charger M2, AlphaWolf or the One-Punch System. TT Charger M2 is a much more advanced version of TT Charger V1. It includes proprietary indicators such as Pressure, Stack-n-Leap, Automated Target Levels and much more. If you like what you see with TT Charger V1, then you'll love M2.

TT Charger M2 Example : So, you want to see the difference between TT Charger V1 and TT Charger M2? The chart below will clearly illustrate the additional features provided my TT Charger M2. Study it. Look for the new items that appear on the chart. This is true visual trading - everything you need to know right on the chart.

What is the difference between Charger V1 and M2? : M2 is much more advanced in it's analysis and one very important feature is the "Automated Targets". As you are reviewing the charts above, focus on looking for the small horizontal blue and maroon lines. These are the automated target levels. These are designed to tell you "sell at least 10~15% of your position (if possible) to lock in profits". The theory behind TT Charger is that the market price tells you everything you need to know. Additionally, you need to know WHERE and WHEN to TAKE YOUR PROFITS - right? If you study these charts, you'll see there are multiple opportunities for you to pull profits using this feature. I'm sure you can understand how important it is to know when to take profits.

In addition to the automated targets, TT Charger M2 include more advanced price modeling, advanced pivot analysis, stack-n-leap triggers, pressure and a more advanced stop system. It is really the best price analysis model I offer.

Never let a winner turn into a loser!

My Trading Software is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen.

Maybe you have some more questions about TT Charger?? Let me try to answer the most common ones for you now.

1. What is it?
I've developed thousands of different types of trading systems over the decades trying to find the best solution - some for myself and some others for my clients. The answer is Price tells us what to do and when to trade. TT Charger is a "price analysis modeling system" that presents VISUAL data for you to trade right on the chart. Not simply RED or GREEN arrows, but much, MUCH more. TT Charger is the best I have to offer any trader.

2. What make it so special?
Well, it not only provides very accurate and timely trading signals, it tells you so much more. I've built custom features into it to help you to even further understand the dynamics at work in the markets. Using these features ("Stack and Leap", Range, Pressure and more), it's like you have X-RAY VISION of the markets - and it's CHEAP!

3. What are "Stack" and "Leap"?
As price is the result of the natural dynamics of the markets at work, TT Charger identifies both "Stack" (when market price is showing the least risk) and "Leap" (when market price is showing strength and exhaustion). Stack and Leap are used to protect active trades and to trim our position when we've reached profits. Essentially, it gives you more opportunities for trading.

4. Why use TT Charger and the AppPack?
If you are just getting started in trading or want the best tools I can offer for the least amount of cost, then you need both TT Charger and the AppPack. TT Charger is the price/trend analysis system and the AppPack provides very real and honest look at how the trading day or month is setting up. These are not simple indicators like RSI or Stochastics. These are advanced modeling systems that dramatically help you become a better trader.

5. How do I use it?
It runs within eSignal - so you need to have an eSignal account. If you don't have one, click here. It tells you clearly where LONG and SHORT signals occur on the charts and is capable of generating multiple entry triggers in the same direction. It tells you everything you need to know including your stop levels, the "defend" levels, market range levels, market pressure and much more. In short, by looking at your charts, you should know exactly what you should be doing. Of course you'll receive ongoing support and training with live webinars presented by myself, Brad Matheny.

Consulting & Custom Programming:

I also develop advanced efs solutions (custom programming) in eSignal for many clients. I focus on advanced system design and deployment - including auto-trading systems. I've been a contributor and developing in eSignal's “efs language” for over 10 years. I can pretty much make it do anything you want (within limits) or build any type of advanced trading system you want. My vast experience allows me to quickly proto-type and refine projects. I'm also pretty good at “tuning them” or helping you make them better.

Consulting projects are decided upon after review. Typically, a retainer amount is required for any project, often 50% of the initial development phase. If you project is more than a simple indicator or system, then I may ask for an "exploratory fee" as I may have to work for you identifying a proper solution. I also develop my own projects which are supported through my existing client base and donations.



  Fully-Automated Trading Systems for eSignal (AWTS)

 Matheny Enterprises Announces the Limited Release of the AWTS E-MINI S&P Automated Trading Systems for eSignal. ATWS-T1 @ 76% or more trade accuracy.

After over 20 years of research in trading system design, my best systems are available to a limited number of traders. The goal is not huge profits every day (although we'll take'em), the goal is consistent month after month profits over the long term. We'll show you how to protect your investment and ride the market trends to profits each day.

My name is Brad Matheny. I've built and developed hundreds of trading systems over the past 15+ years for other people. Some with tons of indicators and others based on lines, pivots, whatever. I've always believed there was a single key to consistent results - one elusive item.

I believe I've discovered that "one elusive item" that will generate consistent profits month after month.

An average (past 6 months) of nearly $1200 a month trading only twice per day with 75% OR BETTER accuracy. Sometimes you're done trading before it's time for lunch. Probably like today. The accuracy ratio of the system depends on market dynamics and other factors. There is a risk of trading and you know it - READ MORE.

Your total risk per day trading one contract in the E-Mini S&P is $500 a day at two trades total per day (or better with risk adjustments). And of course if you want to reduce your daily risk, we'll show you how on our private forums, www.tradetank.com.

Trading at AWTS-T2 or AWTS-T3 levels produces even better results. T2 averages about $3000 in profits each month. T3 is currently averaging about $5800+ each month. Of course some months/weeks are are better than others at times.

It's all about consistent profits with limited risk - fully automated in eSignal.

The only thing you have to do is get up in the AM, turn it on and watch it to make sure everything runs properly. It runs on the esignal charts and IT TRADES FOR YOU. It is wise to keep an eye on your "robot" because you don't want it to drop any connections or screw-up. You want to be there when it's trading or at keep constant watch on it. None of this stuff is "fool proof".

Are you ready to change your life with AWTS? All it takes is the guts to turn it on and let it run.



  TT Charger & The AppPack#1

TTCharger & The AppPack#1 - delivering a comprehensive solution for technical trading. NOT fully automated, meaning you make the decisions. I'll personally be showing you how to use these apps and systems that I created and use. I WON'T tell you how to trade it.

I will help you get it installed and answer all your questions. Trading does not have to be hard to figure out how to do well. If you combine this with my ClickTrader product, you'll make trading into IB much easier.

I study the markets every day and trade, all I see are opportunities to make a buck or two. There are different ways of investing and historically, EOD Swing trading and sometimes shorter term profits have proven to be concrete ways to improve wealth over time. I suggest daytraders limit their exposure in the markets dramatically to prevent a "blow-out". We all know how tough it is to recover from them.

But with my SETS of tools and indicators, I don't see ever being in a situation where you are limited. if you have esignal, you can use all of my tools. I use esignal with my solutions and love it.

My TTCharger & AppPack#1 eSignal solutions are an excellent way for you to learn my "systems". After you learn, you can trade them all you want with you subscription. I'm ready to help you, so all you need to do it select one of my tools and get start taking charge of your trading.



  ClickTrader for eSignal (CT)

ClickTrader simplifies REALTIME TRADING with eSignal. Just point-n-click your way to profits.

Imagine being able to "point, click and trade" with your mouse in eSignal. ClickTrader makes it simple to trade like a pro with esignal. You can use it to trade with systems, indicators or completely discretionary. Watch the video to see how easy it is.

It includes support to our MTS Interactive Brokers (IB) support and includes EFS (eSignal Global Broker Functions - GBF) to additional (limited) broker support. So if you trade with IB or any of the GBF brokers using esignal, then this tool will help.

It allows you to bascially buy/sell/goflat the markets with ease. One or more mouse clicks and you're placing orders to your broker in real-time with esignal.

You can even buy the OS, CT Open Source License, if you want to develop your own custom solution. Then you can begin to modify it or adding to it under the OS License and choose to share your MODS with others on our www.tradetank.com. Build your own stop modules and button sets. Modify the stop options to allow the user to select between different stop functions/settings. The possibilities are limitless for those willing to learn. If you want, use our efs-tools.com site to LOCK your efs MODS.

ClickTrader is OVER 4000 lines of EFS code and interactive on the charts. Everything you need to build an AUTOMATED trading system.

Basically, it's a point-n-click interface for eSignal charts in EFS. As a trading utility for eSignal, it can't be beat for the price.


Wish there was a better way
to trade with esignal charts?
You should try MENT ClickTrader

$35 / month (w/ MTS4IB)

Includes 2 hours assisting you so you know how it works
Trade directly from the chart with ONE OR MORE CLICKS.


  MENT Trader Services (MTS)

MENT Trader Services - delivering fully automated order execution for eSignal, TradeStation and many other commercially available applications.
Available for :

Automate your eSignal efs scripts with IB today. MTS provides everything you need to build and run an automated trading solution with eSignal and IB.


  Pattern Forecaster Plus (PFP)

Advanced Candlestick Pattern Identification/Training
A Perfect TC2000 Companion Product

The Pattern Forecaster Plus end-of-day analysis software is the answer to most trader's dreams. It provides users with many valuable tools and interactive market analysis - instantly identifying potential trading patterns and providing detailed information. It is simple to use and an excellent teaching tool. Click here to see how you can profit with the PFP applications.

Select from three versions of the PFP application. PFP1.0 Lite is for beginners (only $29), PFP 1.0 includes more patterns than the "lite" version and is only $85. The PFP 2.0 provides the best features and all patterns. It can scan directories of symbols for TODAY's Signals.

The basis of the Pattern Forecaster Plus application is the interactive analysis models - for Japanese candlesticks and other pattern libraries. This feature incorporates a modified AI engine and multiple libraries of patterns that are used to predict market price action. This unique ability provides users with detailed market analysis, including...

Detailed Buy and Sell Signals
Stop Placement & Trailing Levels
Warnings of Tops and Bottoms
Possible Reversal Signals
Over 1100 pattern in 10 Libraries
Identification or Support/Resistance
Monitoring/Filtering Western Technical Indicators
Confirmation of "Trigger" Signals
5+ Proprietary Trading Models
Scan Thousands of Charts for Trading Opportunities
.. and Many Other Features.

AS LOW AS $25! (for the PFP 1.0 Lite) Matheny Enterprises offers three versions of these award-winning trading tools for every level of user. If you are new to this site or new to Candlesticks, click here to see how my applications can greatly improve your trading skills.

Learn more about our PFP products by Taking The PFP Tour or reviewing our Training Information. These tools are designed to assist every level of trader and will quickly provide you with information about our products. You can also view our PFP Brochure for a quick glance of our products.



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Are you ready to trade once or twice a day?

Are you ready for consistently designed profits in your account?

Are you ready for the most universal trading system ever designed?

Then you need the ATWS Trading System.


I wanted it pretty much as soon as I had a look at it...it does not take long to realize its a money maker, G. McArthur, UK.

This looks great! A.G, Switzerland.


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